The Date for the Advent of Muhammad

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The length of the sixth Overlay (of Muhammad) is 1842.85714286 P". (see Figure 16) The length of this overlay gives us the dates for the proclamation of Muhammad.


First, taking the length of the sixth Overlay (of Muhammad), 1842.85714286 P", and multiplying it by 7 (Muhammad is the seventh Manifestation in the Adamic cycle) and dividing it by 10, gives us 1290. Twelve hundred and ninety lunar years (prophesied of in Daniel chapter 12) before the Proclamation of Baha'u'llah in the Garden of Ridvan on April 21st, 1863 AD gives us the day of the Proclamation of Muhammad on September 7th, 612 AD. It was on September 7th, 612 AD, that Muhammad officially proclaimed himself to all his family at a special dinner that he had arranged just for that occasion. This happened after a three-year silence, since the start of the mission of Muhammad when the angel Gabriel came to him in the cave of Hira, that he received the call to proclaim himself openly to his family first and then to all the people.

Again, when we take the length of the sixth Overlay (of Muhammad) 1842.857143 P" and subtract 1260 from this (the date for the Advent of the Bab according to the Muslim calendar), you get 582.85714286 P". (see Figure 17) Add to this the distance from the Zero Point to the start of Grand Gallery, 29.7178918677 P", giving you 612.575034728 P", or July 30th, 613 AD, the exact date when Muhammad next proclaimed himself in public on Mt. Safa to the entire population of the city of Mecca. The Pyramid gives both dates for the Proclamation of Muhammad.




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