The Revelation of Adam in Stone

ADAM was a Divine Universal Manifestation of God, setting up the Adamic cycle of six thousand years, beginning with himself and his establisher, Enoch, and ending with Baha'u'llah and His establisher, the return of Jesus the High Priest after the Order of Melchizedec, Dr. Leland Jensen. Adam's establisher was Enoch who was the architect of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh in Egypt. This Pyramid gives in graphic details the dates for the advent of the Divine Manifestations as found in the Kabbalah Tree, including the Ancient Root and the Land that the Tree of Life is planted in.

There are many books written on the Great Pyramid, but almost all of them are written either by Christians or by people in the Christian world who have limited their works to Christian concepts, making their writings limited to this narrow view with results that are but mediocre. However in spite of this, they have done a monumental job of supplying us with accurate measurements in the Pyramid. The object of this writer is to give to the world the rest of the story, for the limited versions have served no real purpose nor given any real guidance to the world. Whereas this writer's purpose is to give this guidance that the world so sorely needs, as we are in the throes of transition from nationalism into internationalism. The world has shrunk to where every man is his neighbor, and, as a result, the differences in nationalities, races, ideologies, religions, cultures and classes and the struggle to adjust have resulted in all kinds of disturbances, such as scrabbling fights, mayhem, carnage, pillage and small and great wars. We have had two world wars and are now on the verge of World War III and, according to prophecies, a third of mankind will be dead in one hour (Revelation 18:10, 17).


Enoch, who was the architect of the Great Pyramid, was also the architect of the pyramids in Central America. He gave the Hopis the Fire Clan Tablet. He broke off a corner of that Tablet and said he would return with the missing cornerstone. He told the Hopis where they would find him, that they should go to Yellowstone, then to the pointed rock, which is the salt pillar just south of the Temple, or the Montana State Prison, and then they should go to Masauwa, which is the phonetic spelling of Missoula, and there they would find the Bahana, or true Baha'i.

Enoch went up the Mississippi River to the Wisconsin River and went into Wisconsin where he took chocolate-colored granite to make the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies in the Great Pyramid, and its Capstone. This is how St. Brendan knew that the continent beyond the sea was divided by a great river. This knowledge was passed down in the legends of the Dans, as they were knowledgeable of the Book of Enoch [1] which didn't get in the Bible.

In ancient times the Pyramid was called the Pillar of Enoch, but to the ancient Egyptian kings, Enoch was called Iemhotep, meaning "He who comes in peace." As he was the establisher of Adam's Revelation, he received his knowledge from Adam. He was like Joshua who was the establisher for Moses, and Paul who was the establisher of Jesus. Adam lived 930 years and survived the completion of the Pyramid by almost 400 years.

Herodotus, the Greek historian in the third century BC, went to Egypt to check out the Great Pyramid. He found that it was the Pillar of Enoch, with Enoch as its architect, and that it was not a tomb, but contained a great message for a latter date.[2]



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2 This same history of Enoch being the architect of the Pyramid to preserve the prophecies of Adam is found in the history of Josephus as well as that of pseudo-Hermes (as quoted by Cedrenus). D.D. Davidson, The Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message, 11th ed (1948), p. 435, note [back]


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