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The passageways are prophetic chronological time scales with each Pyramid inch (P") [6] representing one solar year. The passageways are of white limestone that is overlaid with white marble. At certain points there are red granite rocks, signifying spiritual events. Limestone is water-born, and red granite is fire-born.


According to D.D. Davidson, the chronological time scale starts where its northern slope intersects the extended line of the Ascending Passageway, representing 4000 BC (see Figure 1) The records of the Chinese, Babylonians, Egyptians and Hebrews all prove this to be the Zero epoch (A.K.[7]) of Adamic chronology. Measuring a Pyramid inch for a year, there is a continuous ascent to the end of the Grand Gallery at the Great Step, or Altar Stone, giving the date March 21st, 1844. Almost all pyramidologists agree that at this juncture is 1844 AD. They realize that from that point on, each Pyramid inch no longer represents one year, so they almost all agree that it is one thirty-day month, and they come up with such nonsense as dates for the first and second Balkan Wars, 1909 to 1912, and then World Wars I and II. Not being Baha'is, they don't know that the juncture of the Great Step is the advent of the Babi and Baha'i calendars of 19 days to a month and 19 months to a year plus four and one-quarter intercalary days. By this method we find that from the juncture of the Great Step to the entrance of the King's Chamber we arrive at April 21st, 1863, the date of the proclamation of Baha'u'llah.



6 A Pyramid inch is 1.0011 of an English inch and is found in the boss on the Granite Leaf in the Ante-chamber.

7 Anno Kalendar. "The initial 'K' for 'C' is intentional, to avoid using A.C." (D.D., p. 35). [back]


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