The Date for the Advent of Jesus, The Christ

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Measuring down in the Grand Gallery from the juncture of the Great Step to the start of the Grand Gallery at its juncture with the Ascending Passageway gives us the date of September 21st, 30 AD, the exact same date given by Daniel for the beginning of Jesus' ministry when he was baptized. (see Figure 2) This is 29.7178918677 P" from the Zero Point, which is the birth of Jesus. 3.5 P" before the opening of the Grand Gallery there is a seam in the rock face, giving us the date of the advent of John the Baptist when he began his mission on March 21st, 27 AD. This is the exact date given by Daniel. By hanging a plum-line from the first Overlay just past the opening of the Grand Gallery, we have 3.5 Pyramid inches from the baptism of Jesus until his crucifixion on March 21st, 34 AD.

This is 33.2178918677 P" up from the Zero Point. This is the exact same date as given by Daniel for the crucifixion of Jesus (see the chart in Chapter Three).




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