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Verse 1: "'To the angel of the church in Ephesus write: 'The words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand, who walks among the seven golden lampstands.'"

THE "angels" of the churches, which John is told to address in these verses, are the angels, or the establishers of these seven religious congregations which are before the throne to be judged. The church in Ephesus are those in that city, which is the congregation that had certain beliefs and conduct that was somewhat praiseworthy, and some that were not. This observation of the congregation of Ephesus is the conceptions of all the religious sects of Christianity today, and of the Covenant-breaking "Baha'is." The one that walks among them, who is the one who holds the seven stars in his hand, is Jesus the Lamb, who is among the various sects of Christianity today, and the Baha'i faith. That is, "the seven golden lampstands" are the religious congregations of Jesus Christ and the Baha'i faith. The one that walks among these congregations, of the Christian denominations and the Baha'i faith today, is the return of Jesus the Lamb.

Verse 2: "'I know your works, your toil, and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear evil men but have tested those who call themselves apostles but are not, and found them to be false;'"

Here today the Lamb finds some very good beliefs and deeds among the various denominations of Christianity, and among the Covenant-breakers, which are admirable and praiseworthy, such as piety and living the life.

Verse 3: "'I know you are enduring patiently and bearing up for my name's sake, and you have not grown weary.'"

In these verses God does acknowledge the good works of the churches and the Covenant-breakers.

Verse 4: "'But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.'"

The first love is that of the Revelation of Jesus Christ: the Beatitudes, which were the eight declarations made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, and included such things as love of God, the love of one's neighbor, etc. This was either put aside, or became secondary to the theologies that replaced them, such as the Trinitarian doctrine, the Incarnate god Lie, the literal interpretation of parables, such as that of the resurrection of Christ and the story of Adam and Eve, and the instituting of observances and rituals. In other words, the churches have turned away from the true Religion of God, abandoning His Laws and Teachings to invent and obey their own self-made dogmas and creeds.

With the Covenant-breakers, they for the most part live the life, some are exemplary. They are also reverent, obeying the laws and the ordinances such as the nineteen-day fast, etc. They take good care of the Baha'i property, and engage in the teaching work. But they went against Shoghi Effendi on his passing. To go against Shoghi Effendi is to go against God.[1] They did away with his plan for the Universal House of Justice.[2] It was to go through four stages: 1. It was to become a World Court on Mt. Carmel in 1963, with its members being the ones that Shoghi Effendi had appointed. 2. Then sometime later its Body (not the President as he is the Guardian—because it is hereditary) would be elected, and 3. It would then become the International Baha'i Tribunal, which would bring peace to the world. 4. It then—in the fullness of time—would effloresce (blossom) into the Universal House of Justice. In 1957, the Covenant-breakers did away with the Executive Branch of the UHJ, which is an integral part of the Universal House of Justice.[3] If God had not sent His Son, the last Jesus, to reestablish what the Covenant-breakers threw out, the great catastrophe that is upon us would have destroyed all of mankind, and God would have to raise a whole new mankind out of the sea.

Verse 5: "'Remember then from what you have fallen, repent and do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.'"

Meaning that in the catastrophe that is upon us, this "lampstand," the beliefs, will be destroyed and the people that cling to these false concepts will perish.

God tells the churches to remember His Religion and give up what they have invented. He tells them that if they do not obey His Laws and Teachings, He will remove their religion from them and they will have nothing.

Verse 6: "'Yet this you have, you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.'"

The Nicolaitans were a sect in early Christianity who believed in licentious living and eating of food sacrificed to idols. God commends those churches who have not accepted these ways.

Verse 7: "'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.'"

"he who has an ear" are those people who desire to know the true religion of God, who hear what the Spirit, Jesus the Lamb, has to teach them. By using the intellect we are able to determine the truth and then "hear what the Spirit [Jesus on his return has to say] to the churches," Christians sects and the Covenant-breaker. That is, they can discern truth from falsehood.

"him who conquers" are the people who are able to overcome the false teachings of the apostate church, Christianity: such as the Incarnate god Lie, the Trinitarian doctrine, and the literal interpretation of the resurrection and other parables of the Holy Text. And for the Covenant-breakers to turn to the last Jesus and to give up their fetish, obsession and mania, of Covenant-breaking.

"the tree of life" is the Covenant of God which Baha'u'llah revealed. It is symbolized in part one of this book in chapter 10 page 127.

"the paradise of God" is the Revelation of Baha'u'llah's Revelation. All those who recognize and accept the Revelation of Baha'u'llah will enter the Paradise of God.

Verse 8: "'And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write: 'The words of the first and the last, who died and came to life.'"

Smyrna is more teachings and conditions of the Christians and Covenant-breakers. The "first and the last" is the first Jesus who gave this Revelation, and the last Jesus who gives his explanations and commentaries. The teachings of the first Jesus died and come to life with the last Jesus. For the Covenant-breakers, they died spiritually, and those Covenant-breakers that turn to the last Jesus come to life, and enter the Kingdom; the Kingdom that has the descendant of King David at the head of the Universal House of Justice.

Verse 9: "'I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.'"

Those that call themselves Jew and are not, because a true Jew would have accepted their Messiah, the first Jesus, and today a true Jew is one that accepts the second Messiah, or Christ, Baha'u'llah, and the last Jesus. Therefore they are a synagogue of Satan.

The poverty here is the poverty of not knowing Jesus on his return, the last Jesus, and thus they are deprived of his saving grace which is the knowledge that will save them. Paul tells us: "But as it is, he [Jesus] has appeared once for all at the end of the age, to put away sin by sacrifice of himself. And just as it is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment, so Christ (Jesus) having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him" (Hebrews 9:26-28). "but you are rich" means that the Christians are rich because they have the prophecies for the return of Jesus, the Lamb, that are put forth in this book, that Leland—the land—fulfilled. Thus the Jews are poor because they don't have these prophecies, that if they had them, they wouldn't perish in the great Catastrophe.

The tribulation, or afflictions, that the Christians suffer are first of all that the Christians suffered at the time of Charlemagne (c. 742 - 814 AD), king of the Franks, with Pepin before him brought all of Europe that was non-Catholic into the corrupt Catholic church or congregation not by persuasion of teaching, but by the sword. Those Christians that were thus abused and forced to accept the corruption of the trinity and the Incarnate god Lie, and all the other corruption, such as the worship of idols, and saints, and Mary and Jesus, instead of the one true invisible God.

Verse 10: "'Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.'"

The devil was the Pope. The prison that he threw some of the Christians in "prison for ten days" is that the ten days are ten centuries of tribulation. This started when the Pope took the Bible away from the Christians and they were forbidden read to the Bible. They were given the Catechism in its place. This is a gross corruption of the scriptures. Even the priests were not allowed to read the Bible. This made it possible for the Papacy to bring in all kinds of heresies, and all kinds of rituals and observances, to extract a tremendous amount of money from the people; making the Catholic church the most lucrative business in the world, making it the wealthiest enterprise throughout the entire world. This is tribulation that the Christians were to endure for ten days that are ten centuries: one thousand years.

The "crown of life" is the halo. It signifies the spiritual station, which one acquires when they are in communion, or association, with the Spirit Jesus on his return. This is also essential to our spiritual progress in the next world.

Verse 11: "'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who conquers shall not be hurt by the second death.'"

As explained before, this pertains to what the Spirit, Jesus the Lamb, the last Jesus, says to the Christian population of the world. "he who conquers" are those people who overcome the theologies of the very corrupt church by using their intellect to discern what is true or false. And for the Covenant-breakers, those that overcome their violation of the Covenant, through the explanations and commentaries of the Last Jesus, will not be hurt by the second death, which is the death of the physical body.

"the second death" refers to our physical death. If one accepts a religion that is not the true Religion of God he becomes spiritually dead. This refers to all the sects of Christianity, and the Covenant-breaking Baha'i faith. This is the first death. If you turn to the Lamb, and become a Baha'i that has both the executive and legislative branch in the Universal House of Justice, and teach, and live the life according to the teachings, the physical death is not painful to us, since through that death we attain our spiritual station. On the other hand, should we not be alive "spiritually" the agony of our physical death is truly "hell."

Verse 12: "'And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: 'The words of him who has the sharp two-edged sword.'"

The one who has the sharp two-edged sword is the second coming of Jesus, the Lamb.

Verse 13: "'I know where you dwell, where Satan's throne is; you hold fast my name and you did not deny my faith even in the days of Antipas my witness, my faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.'"

Nimrod [4] claimed that his star was Saturn, and this is where we get the word Satan. After he was put to death for apostasy, his wife, Semiramis, several years later, became pregnant with a male child. She explained to the people that the father of the child was Nimrod (the father) that mysteriously impregnated her womb; and this was possible as her womb was the habitation of the Holy Spirit; and when the son was born, and named Bar-nin (the son of Nimrod), that he was the incarnation of his dead father, which was a lie. This created the Pagan concept of the trinity. Three gods in one god: God the father, God the son, and God the holy spirit. This doctrine formed a new religion and its purpose was to regain control of the vast empire of Nimrod. Whereas Nimrod ruled by the force of an army, this religion ruled the former empire by this new religion—that they paid tribute to Semiramis and her son Amraphel and his descendants. When Bar-nin grew up, she made and gave him the name Amraphel, entitled him the Pontifix Maximus, the high priest, and built a temple for him. She made him a beautiful robe and other paraphernalia that was passed down to his descendants. The religion of Semiramis became the Pagan religion of all the world. It appeared in all of the civilized parts of the world: India, China, Israel, Greece and Rome.

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, a descendant of Amraphel wore this robe of the Pontifix Maximus being both priest and king; and he sat upon the throne of Satan, or Nimrod. Nebuchadnezzar had an empire, rivaling the great Pagan empire of Nimrod. He destroyed the city of Jerusalem and brought the Davidic King and his throne into Babylon. Later when Cyrus the great conquered Babylon, he being a Zoroastrian, believing in the one true invisible God, he banished from Babylon the Babylonian king, Belshazzar (a descendant of Nebuchadnezzar) out of the empire to the city of Pergamum, which was the capitol of the nation of Pergamum. Therefore Pergamum is the place of Satan's throne, the throne of Nimrod and Semiramis.

Pergamum was the seat of Emperor worship, where incense was offered before the statue of the Emperor as God. Refusal of Christians to do this often meant death. These people also had an altar to Jupiter, and a temple of Esculpius who was a healing god worshipped in the form of a serpent. Pergamum was also a stronghold of Baalomite and Nicolaitan teachings. It was a center of heathenism and wickedness and was called "Satan's throne" because it was moved there from Babylon.

This throne of Satan was willed to Rome by Atlas the Third in 133 BC. Then Julius Caesar, who said that he was a descendant of Semiramis and claimed this throne, greatly increasing his power and authority. This throne was then passed down in the succeeding Caesars until Gratian who refused to wear this robe. Damasus, the Pope begged Gratian to give him the robe, which he put on. At that time most of the Roman Empire had become Christian, but the Pagan temples in the city of Rome were going full blast. Then when Damasus walked out in the streets of Rome, the Pagans said, "There is our King and leader," and they came into Christianity with all their Pagan beliefs and rituals. Many of the Bishops and Priests of Christianity fled to upper Europe. They would have no part of this. So Damasus brought the Pagan priests out of the temples and placed them as Christian priests without conversion of baptism, to replace the true Christian priests. Thus Paganism conquered Christianity, instead of Christianity conquering Paganism.

Verse 14: "But I have a few things against you: you have some there who hold the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, that they might eat food sacrificed to idols and practice immorality.'"

Peter describes Balaam as those "who loved gain from wrongdoing" (2 Peter 2:15). In this verse, it is the clergy of Christianity "who hold the teaching of Balaam." They create a theology so that they can set up their own business—sect or denomination—and therefore they lead the followers of Christ astray with their theologies such as trinitarianism and the Incarnate god Lie.

Verse 15: "'So you also have some who hold the teaching of the Nicolaitans.'"

Some of the Christians have a licentious living just as the Nicolaitans did.

Verse 16: "'Repent then. If not, I will come to you soon and war against them with the sword of my mouth.'"

"the sword of my mouth" are the explanations of Jesus on his return.

Verse 17: "'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone which no one knows except him who receives it.'"

"the hidden manna" is the hidden bread, or the hidden meanings of the Words of God that were not explained by previous Promised Ones, but are being explained by the Lamb that you are now receiving.

Through his explanations, the whole world will become believers in Baha'u'llah, and will receive the new name of God that was originally written on white stone. When a person accepts Baha'u'llah's Revelation as the true Religion of God through the explanations of the Lamb, then they will know the new name of God. This is further explained in Revelation 3:12.

Those Covenant-breaking "Baha'is" who already have this name of God, are Baha'is in name only.

Verse 18: "'And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write: 'The words of the Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire, and whose feet are like burnished bronze.'"

"the Son of God" refers to the potency of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is the spirit of prophecy of the Kingdom, which is fulfilled by Baha'u'llah and explained by the Lamb who fulfills the prophecies for the return of Jesus.

Verse 19: "'I know your works, your love and faith and service and patient endurance, and that your latter works exceed the first.'

Verse 20: "'But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and beguiling my servants to practice immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.'"

"Jezebel" has the same meaning as harlot. The Revelation of Jesus Christ was like a beautiful woman, a bride adorned for her husband. The clergy with their false interpretations, especially the Trinitarian doctrine, corrupted this "beautiful woman" until she became a harlot.

More appropriately to the Baha'i faith: Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, the king of the tribes of Israel that broke from the corrupt kings of Judah. Jezebel went against the true teachings of Israel, leading them into corruption, causing Elijah to take hundreds of her priests up on Mt. Carmel and killing them. So this is repeated in the Baha'i faith with Ruhiyyih Khanum doing the same damn thing. This Jezebel has led astray over five million Baha'is, causing them to go against Shoghi Effendi, and his son who succeeded him. On January 9, 1951 Shoghi Effendi set-up the first International Baha'i Council, with 'Abdu'l-Baha's son (a descendant of King David) as its President or head, which would go through four stages, and then this body will be in its adult form of the Universal House of Justice. Ruhiyyih Khanum tried to murder this son of Shoghi Effendi as she murdered him. This son of Shoghi Effendi escaped and came to America where he was born in this world as the second International Baha'i Council with a descendant of 'Abdu'l-Baha, a great grandson, as its president.[5] This lineage of King David will exist forever (Psalms 89:35-37). Whereas Ruhiyyih Khanum will suffer the fate of Jezebel: "And the dogs shall eat Jezebel"...(2 Kings 9:10). "So they threw her down; and some of her blood spattered on the wall and on the horses and they trampled on her" (ibid., verse 33). ".... In the territory of Jezreel the dogs shall eat the flesh of Jezebel" (ibid., verse 36). "and the corpse of Jezebel shall be as dung on the face of the field" (ibid. verse 37).

Verse 21: "'I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality.'"

The corrupt religions were given time to give up their false teachings but they did not.

Verse 22: "'Behold, I will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings;'"

Those that accept the theologies of the clergy will be thrown into the tribulation of the great catastrophe, that is, they will get the disease of the harlot—Jezebel. This also applies to the Covenant-breaking "Baha'is." The sickbed is the disease of Ruhiyyih Khanum, it is Covenant-breaking, and those who get her disease are Covenant-breakers, which is spiritual death, and if they don't repent they will also suffer the fate of Jezebel.

Verse 23: "'and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart, and I will give to each of you as your works deserve.'"

"her children" are the followers of the various sects and denominations who are offshoots of the seven apostate religions, and of the Christians, who are divided up into 22 thousand sects and denominations.

In the Baha'i faith, the children are the followers of Ruhiyyih Khanum, who are like children that don't think for themselves but follow blindly their parent Jezebel.

Jezebel and her children, because they have not given up their false religions, are thrown "into a great tribulation." This tribulation begins right after the assassination of Saddam Hussein. All those who are deluded by the sickness of her theologies will not recognize Jesus on his return and will not be guided by him. And the Covenant-breakers that are deluded by Jezebel, Ruhiyyih Khanum, are destined to go into the fire, that is, the thermonuclear war.

Verse 24: "'But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not learned what some call the deep things of Satan, to you I say, I do not lay upon you any other burden'"

The deep things of Satan in Christianity is the belief of the resurrection of the physical body, the trinity, the Incarnate god Lie, idolatry, praying to Jesus, to Mary, to saints or the crucifix, or to anything else but God—for if you pray to anything else your prayer goes to what you pray to and not to God, and you're still in your sins. In the Baha'i faith it is Covenant-breaking, it is going against Shoghi Effendi. It is the removal of the Executive Branch of the Universal House of Justice. Not using the intellect that God gave us, and the principle that Baha'u'llah gave us to determine for yourself who broke the Covenant—who went against any provision of the Covenant.

Verse 25: "'only hold fast what you have, until I come.'"

Those people who do not accept the doctrines and theologies of the corrupt religions will not be faced with the tribulations that the leaders of these religions and their followers will experience. And for the Baha'is that are under the provisions of the Covenant to hold fast to what they have.

Verse 26: "'He who conquers and who keeps my works until the end, I will give him power over the nations,'"

For the Christians, those that conquer are those that overcome the great sickness of the various sects and denominations and become part of the World Order of Baha'u'llah that will have power over the nations.

For the Covenant-breakers to come under World Order of Baha'u'llah that has both the Executive Branch and the legislative branch of the Universal House of Justice that will have power over the nations.

Verse 27: "'and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received power from my Father'"

This is the return of Jesus the Lamb who is not a Manifestation of God and rules with a rod of Iron, whereas Baha'u'llah, who is a Manifestation of God who rules with a rod of Gold. Therefore he received power from the teachings of Baha'u'llah, the Father, and he will rule until he has put all thing under his feet, then he will turn it all over to the Father.

Verse 28: "'and I will give him the morning star.'"

"the morning star" is the World Order of Baha'u'llah when it is established. The night will be over. This is the day that will not be followed by night. That is, we will have a thousand years of peace. This day will start at the end of this century.

Verse 29: "'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.'"

The "Spirit" means Jesus. Let those who have an ear that doesn't have a finger in it, so he can hear what Jesus the Lamb has to say.



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2 This is found in Shoghi Effendi's 10-year World Crusade. It was to go through four stages. See Plan of the 10 year World Crusade as well as Cablegram January 9, 1951, etc, for more. [back]

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4 Nimrod, the son of Cush, who was the cursed son of Noah. [back]

5 The great grandson of 'Abdu'l-Baha is Neal Chase Ben Joseph Aghsan, the current president of the IBC/UHJ, the third guardian of the Baha'i Faith seated upon the throne of David, which is to last forever. [back]

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